NWIM Mensa Holiday Party Cheat Sheet

It is NOT TOO EARLY to reserve a room in the beginning of October!  Local banquet rooms generally fill up for January during that month.  I just got a Jan 14 (Friday) by October 31!

Our chapter tends to be "cheap", just saying.  We like to feel special, have a nice quiet room, decorations, reasonable amount of food, and low price.

Here is a list of our general requirements and normal banquet concerns:

o    Enough food
o    Menu choices (Anthony's will Email you a .pdf of their menu choices).  A beef is always good, and a chicken or fish with it as two entrees.

o    Cost: room fee?  Or minimum number of people?  (Anthony's: 30 people; else $100 room fee)

o    Vegetarian offering

o    Alcohol available (run to the bar yourself, or have a waiter/waitress)

o    "Holiday" decorations…restaurants will generally provide these even in January…a "holiday" party in January is not that uncommon.

o    Diana likes to bring dessert?  Or Jill will shop for some nice cheesecake.  Anthony's lets us, but we have to promise not to sue if someone gets sick.
o   Social hour and dinner time  (E.g., 6 pm Social Hour; Dinner at 7)

o    Table arrangement: U shape, with people on the inside?  Or clusters of round tables.  I like "close together" as opposed to a long skinny arrangement.

o    Anthony's has a band nearby

Various "Deadlines"

Sept 20(ish) EXCOMM: Really should have a volunteer now, not next month.

October 31: Really should have a room reserved by now!

Nov 15ish (before EXCOMM): Information about the costs, and the menu…which will be discussed by the EXCOMM (See "subsidizing").  The basics (location and date) need to be known by now to get into the Dec 1 Brainiac

Dec 15ish: Have confirmed all the irritating details with the restaurant contact. Have “everything” for the January Newsletter announcement: price, rough menu choices, address and directions!  Have down the details of who to send a check to, their address (traditionally Jill Nelson).

The EXCOMM has recently been subsidizing the Holiday Party.  We like to round the price DOWN to the nearest $5 (20, 25).

We've had it at Anthony's and Holiday Inn recently.  Some possibilities:

Upstream: for 25: not private (big room too big)
Upstream West: Our size: $900 minimum
Anthony's: Pretty darn reasonable people  $100 room fee or 30 people minimum
American Bistro (Bellevue)
Holiday Inn 72nd: Fine place, but they run through "Banquet" people about 1 per month