Thanks Kerin, B. D., and Ginny for the following restaurant suggesting in Lincoln.

– Dave K –


A few good restaurants in Lincoln:

Pepe's Veggie Bistro
Newer restaurant -- I've heard many good comments.
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Bread and Cup
Whole foods / locally grown -- also very good. Great environment.

Little more upscale -- little more spendy -- great food!
Blue Orchid
Probably the hottest new restaurant. Excellent food! (Thai)
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The Oven
Authentic Indian food -- great food, moderately priced.

Yiayia's Pizza Beer & Wine
Fun place, large selection of local and imported beers. Great food!
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Green Gateau
French bistro / gourmet -- traditional, relaxed elegance
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African Food
New restaurant, I've sampled their food at street fairs and it is
fantastic! Also these are fun guys.

Tokyo Steak and Seafood House
They chop the food and cook it at your table. Fresh and tasty -- a
little more expensive

The Parthenon
This is an experience! Can be quite expensive, but excellent traditional
Greek dishes as well as more popular fare (steaks) Large wine selection.

Parker's Smokehouse
BBQ -- yum!

This is a smallish place, but the food is very good. Moderately priced.

A couple of others that just came to mind:
Duffy's Tavern -- burgers, soups, stews, and other sandwiches. Near downtown
The Isles -- pizza, beer, and (often) live music. Havelock area
Tico's -- Semi-traditional Mexican food, margharita's -- downtown.



I'll think about this and send a list. I know a few less well known spots.

One of my favorites is The Steak House. Really good food and nice ambience.



         Lazlo's Brewery and Grill (There is one in Omaha but I still like the atmosphere at the original one downtown.


         Ramos Pizza & Pub (Where trivia is)

         Round the Bend Steakhouse, East Park Highway, Ashland, NE

         Mahoney State Park (It is buffet food but is a good central location.)

         Billy’s (little more upscale, but nice)

Lazlo’s                  2 locations

(Above: B.D. Softley)


(Below: Ginny) 

Great China Buffet

6145 O Street, Lincoln, NE 68510-2236 (402) 489-6666 Hu Hot is popular and kind of fun  but I see you have one in Omaha.A special Lincoln spot,  if you’re as old as I am, is Lee’s.   I still like it.

1940 West Van Dorn Street
Lincoln, NE 68522-1998
(402) 477-4339




 I once read an article in the Journal-Star about pizza in Lincoln...2 columns, 10 or 11 inches.  At the very end, its author said,"Of course, the best of the best of the best will always be

the Isles Lounge in Havelock." Oh, you betcha!  JT