Lots of things come across my president's desk, and often these things that are not commonly known.  One of these is the group's mediation process.

Don't panic, nobody is in any trouble!  That is why THIS IS A GOOD TIME to post the document describing our mediation process.  The process is quite normal and reasonable, and only 4 paragraphs.

One of the things that is NOT listed in the document are some of the reasons for mediation.  Sometimes it is just to get an opportunity, a forum if you will, to "get something said".  Also, a lot of situations resolve themselves when two parties hear, perhaps accurately for the first time, what each is trying to say.  That is why I want to mention this, to note that the mediation process is there if it is needed.

I don't want to jinx our chapter, which is relatively conflict free. I do want to bring up the fact that if such a conflict occurs, this process exists in which it can be resolved in a civil fashion.  This process is available to anyone in the chapter who would like to address a conflict that exists with the assistance of a trained mediator (Diana Vogt).  The process may be requested by an individual with a conflict or, if a conflict reaches the point where it is affecting the chapter as a group, the Ex-Comm or other person through the chapter president can request the parties be asked to mediate.

Participation in the process, regardless of how the process is initiated, is purely voluntary, comes with no penalty or stigma and is completely confidential.  Any resolution is decided on by the parties. If mediation is ever requested, below is a copy of the letter you would receive or that would be sent at your request.

That's all.

-- Dave K --



By my signature below, I agree to participate in a mediation to resolve issues that have arisen between me and another member of this Mensa chapter.I agree that I will express my thoughts and feelings without personal attacks on the other participant.I also agree that I will refrain from profanity and make my best efforts to focus on the issues and my thoughts and feelings rather than trying to prove that the other participant’s feelings or thoughts are invalid or incorrect.

By agreeing to participate in this mediation I agree to follow the mediator’s directions, not interrupt the other participant, and to do my best to hear what the other participant is saying.I agree that the mediator will establish the format of the mediation, including the order in which the participants make initial statements and the time allotted for any prepared statements.I agree to allow the mediator to interrupt at any point for any reason.

I agree that if the mediator requests that I express an opinion or feeling in a different manner I will do my best to comply.I also agree that if the mediator indicates a break in the dialogue would be beneficial that I will cease any interaction at that time and take a break.Further, I acknowledge that although I may request a break at any time, I will not walk out or cease participation in the mediation prior to expressing my desire to end the mediation and my reason for that decision to the mediator and the other participant.

I acknowledge that neither the mediator or anyone else has promised me any particular result and that there is no guarantee that the mediation will resolve the issues which created the need for mediation.I further agree that I will keep the content of statements expressed by the other participant confidential following the mediation.

October _____, 2011By: ______________________________________

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