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New Mensa Benefits

New Online Home Test Available

Beginning this week, potential members (and the curious) now have the option to purchase the Mensa Home Test in the traditional paper format, or can take the test online.  The online test is the exact same test as the print At Home Test.  The questions and graphics are the same. The timing is the same.  The instructions are the same. The scoring and norming are the same.  The difference is test takers get the results instantly after finishing the test. 

The online Home Test results give a raw score, percentile rank and an approximate IQ score on similar tests. The results page, depending on the score, offers varying levels of encouragement to take the Supervised Test or look for Prior Evidence.  It is NOT a qualifying exam for admission to Mensa, it is a marketing tool and this is clearly stated in the materials.  We will capture prospect information from these sales, which in turn is passed on to local groups for follow-up and potential Supervised Testing.

We feel this genuinely offers a brand new Mensa product that responds to today's market.  We began the "soft" roll out for this last week and already have had 45 test purchases and 36 test takers -- added bonus-- this is a much higher percentage of completions than the paper version! We wanted to make sure things were running smoothly before we made a widespread announcement.  During the next few weeks we'll do some promotions of the new online version to our prospects in the database, as well as through our social media outlets.  The introductory price for the online Home Test is $13 until March 31.

Free "Prior Evidence" Month

Do you know someone who may be Mensa material?  During the month of February, they can send in the results of any standardized intelligence test they've taken in the past, and we will waive the application fee to review their scores for American Mensa membership.  (There is usually a $40 fee to review test scores.)

American Mensa accepts the results from more than 200 tests; a partial list of accepted tests and scores may be found at  To take advantage of this offer, your friends and colleagues should download an application from  They will need to return the application, along with their test scores, by February 28, 2010.

Vacation/Travel Planning

Planning a vacation -- to the AG in Denver or otherwise? Got a business trip coming up? Or just need to get away this weekend? American Mensa is partnering with the YTB Travel Network to provide an entire Web site,, to handle all of your travel-related needs. At this fully integrated site, you can:

-- Book your flight, hotel and car for any trip;
-- Search for cruise deals, international vacation packages and last-minute getaways;
-- Process online flight check-in;
-- Track traveler health advisories, passport requirements and airport delays;
-- Sign up for a weekly "deals & steals" e-newsletter;
-- Purchase flowers and concert tickets; and even
-- Set up a honeymoon travel registry.

If all else fails, you can amuse yourself reading about the great locations and keeping an eye out for "punderful" package titles like "Salmon-chanted Evening" (to Nova Scotia) and "Mexico: A State of Mayan."

Created to cater specifically to the needs of association members, the YTB Travel Network is a subgroup of a large, internationally known travel Web site. And here's a great side benefit: Not only can you take care of all your travel arrangements in one location, but every time something is purchased through, American Mensa receives a portion of the commissions paid. So when you need to travel, now you know where to start. Enjoy your trips and don't forget to save our American Mensa Travel icon to your desktop!!


American Mensa announces PsySource, a new online directory that connects state-licensed mental health professionals with gifted people nationwide.  This is a new service from American Mensa, helping to fulfill one of the organization's primary goals - to identify and foster human intelligence.

While it is not a referral service or endorsement, the PsySource directory provides information about mental health professionals who perform
intelligence testing and provide support services to gifted people. The PsySource directory can be viewed by visiting

If you know someone who would be interested in listing their practice, please share this information with them.  Registration is quick and easy at   State licensure will be verified for all mental health professionals listed.

PC Connection

If there's one thing most Mensans crave, it's their tech toys. Now American Mensa is offering a member benefit to get you those toys -- and all the gadgets that go with them -- for less.

Through its three sales companies and online storefronts, PC Connection offers more than 130,000 products from more than 1,600 manufacturers. Customers can save on everything from iPods to digital cameras to plasma televisions, from printer cartridges to network management and security software. Both PC and Mac products are available. The online store features easy-to-use search and sort tools and also includes a clearance section.

American Mensa is the first association to join PC Connection's corporate discount program and get up to 6 percent off listed prices. Members set up their own login under American Mensa's master account to take advantage of these discounts. Members get 24-hour access and secure ordering with shipping directly to their homes. PC Connection accepts all major credit cards.

See the national website for more information:

Welcome to American Mensa's newest member benefit!

American Mensa's Membership Committee is charged with coordinating activities relating to members, member benefits and services, retention of members, membership renewals, etc. Following this charge, AMC Membership Officer Heather Miller and her committee would like to announce the following new member benefit.

"Scientific American MIND," a fairly new magazine from the editors of "Scientific American," takes you inside the most riveting breakthroughs in psychology, neuroscience and related fields, including dreaming, consciousness, intelligence, imagination, emotions, mental illness and perception. Currently, American Mensa provides a puzzle column called "Head Games" to Scientific American MIND for each issue. Now Scientific American MIND offers Mensa members a $4.95 discount off of the annual subscription rate of $19.95 for six issues; this Mensan rate of $15 is the lowest rate they are currently offering.

To get your subscription discount, visit &

Welcome to Mensa's newest member discount -- Office Depot.

Need help "taking care of business"? Let Office Depot help, and get a discount just for being a Mensa member! American Mensa has partnered with one of the world's largest office-products distributors to help Mensans save money both online and at Office Depot's stores. Mensans will receive a 10-percent discount on purchases and will save 60 percent on printing. You will also:

bullet Get free next-day delivery in most areas; bullet Save time through your choice of three convenient ordering methods: Internet, phone or fax; bullet Get access to technology products and advice through our sister company Tech Depot.

Please note you will need to register a current credit card to get these discounts, which will be taken automatically at payment when you pay with the linked card. Further, please note this discount does not apply to furniture and technology-related items such as computers, printers, fax machines, etc.


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