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Look to see if you ALREADY QUALIFY based on having taken one of the tests here:

2014 Schedule: 3rd Saturday of every month.   As always, if our regular date/time/location is difficult for you, call, and we can try to establish or find a test for you somewhere.    
Contact Morgan: mcetacean@outlook.com,  402-926-8537

Good news is that appointments for tests can now generally be made for weekday evenings!

See the website for details on the next scheduled test, “by appointment” tests, and admission using prior evidence:  http://www.nwim.us.mensa.org/MensaTesting.html.

Our next "planned" test:

Saturday, October 18th, Omaha, monthly proctored Mensa qualifying exam... Abrahams Public Library, 5111 No. 90th St. (just south of 90th & Fort Sts) conference room. 10:50 am registration, testing from 11:00 to 1:00. Handicapped accessible, free parking. All test-takers must be at least 14 years old; written permission needed if 14-17 years old. Younger applicants (and everyone!) should inquire about using previous test scores as prior evidence. For information about admission using prior evidence or for testing information, call Morgan Whale, Proctor Coordinator at 402-926-8537, or email at mcetacean@outlook.com. Testing Fee is $40. The current method of payment is to pre-pay online at www.us.mensa.org/testingvoucher. Download and print the voucher and remember to bring it to your test session.  Please let Morgan know which date you plan to test.  We may be able to arrange other possible  dates/times/places/payment options; contact Morgan. www.nwim.us.mensa.org/MensaTesting.html.

Questions? Contact Morgan at
mcetacean@outlook.com  or  (402)-926-8537