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Marketing Resources


The National Office has brochures, bookmarks, sample Bulletins, posters, displays, and more available to Local Groups to assist in their marketing efforts.  To order supplies, visit


Two Ways to Join


1.    Take the Mensa Admission Test.  The test is offered to anyone age 14 and older.  The fee is $40.  We offer two test batteries:  our standard battery and a culture-fair battery.  A person may take each battery only once.

2.    Submit Prior Evidence.  Prospects may submit scores from one of the 200+ tests that we accept for membership.  The fee to review prior evidence for admission is $40.  Tests include many tests given in schools, some college preparatory tests, and some military tests.  A list of the most common tests is available at


Prospect Tracking/Offer Tracking


Online tracking of prospects is available to Proctor/Testing Coordinators.  Online tracking of candidates who have received an Offer of Membership is available to LocSecs and Membership Officers.  Visit and click on ‘Tools.’


These tools allow you to track when you’ve contacted prospective members, how interested they are in membership, add notes about conversations with the person, and send emails to prospects/candidates on the list.


Lapsed Member Mailing


In May/June, LocSecs and editors will receive lists and labels for lapsed members.  These may be used to contact lapsed members via mail, phone or email.  Return the “Request for Reimbursement” form by September to receive 50 cents for each member contacted.


Need Help?


Questions about recruitment


Catherine Barney, Marketing Director,, 817-607-0060 ext. 5541


Lauren Fernandez, Marketing Assistant,, 817-607-0060 ext. 5542


Questions about testing & admissions


Mary Spencer, Testing & Admissions Coordinator,, 817-607-0060 ext. 5529


Questions about membership, retention or Local Group support/procedures


Paige Faulkner, Membership Director,, 817-607-0060 ext. 5521


Heather Spillers, National Groups Coordinator,, 817-607-0060 ext. 5528


The role of Proctor is very important in the admissions process. Proctors are often the first members with whom candidates have contact and, therefore, they may influence candidates’ perceptions of Mensa. Additionally, Proctors are charged with ensuring that Mensa’s supervised tests are administered fairly and accurately, thus maintaining the integrity of the membership selection process.


Due to state requirements regarding the practice of psychology, all Mensa Proctors are working under the license of Mensa’s Supervisory Psychologist (unless they themselves are licensed psychologists). Therefore, it is very important that the following requirements are accurately documented and that Proctors always administer Mensa tests according to the standards established by the Mensa proctor manual and handbook.


Approval Requirements


1.    At least a four-year (bachelor’s) degree from a college or university.


2.  Written endorsement from your group’s Local Secretary and Testing or Proctor Coordinator. If your group does not have an active Testing or Proctor Coordinator, one Executive Board member or your Regional Vice Chairman may substitute. Local Secretaries and Executive Board members may not endorse their own applications.


3. Experience or training with administering standardized, timed tests. This requirement may be met in one of two ways:


a: Through your professional or academic coursework, experience giving standardized, timed tests (e.g., Wechsler intelligence tests, SAT, California or Iowa batteries, GRE, etc.). Psychologists, psychometricians, personnel specialists, teachers, guidance counselors and school administrators are likely to have this experience.



b: By training with currently certified Mensa Proctor(s).


4.    Being observed administering Mensa standardized tests by a currently certified Proctor.


5.    Approval by the National Office and AML Supervisory Psychologist.



For more information and an application, visit  Click on ‘Certifications.’


Note:  Proctor training will be held at the Annual Gathering and two test sessions will offer the opportunity to observe testing.