Proctor, Proctor Coordinator and “testing” Cheat Sheet


Templates for monthly Brainiac and/or webpage (announcement for the month’s test)

NWIM tests every two months: 2011

Notes on testing

Regional PC and yearly

Importance to chapter

Requirements for the testing facility

Requirements to be a proctor

Credit to Memphis Mensa for some of the notes!


Templates for monthly Brainiac and/or webpage (announcement for the month’s test)

Dr. Astrid Ferony example:

Saturday, July 16th (note slightly earlier time than previously!), proctored Mensa qualifying exam, this month by Dr. Astrid Ferony, at Pilgrim Lutheran Church - Room 107, 2311 Fairview Rd., Bellevue, NE. Register 12:45 pm, testing 1:00 - 3:30 pm. All test-takers should be at least 14 years old. Written parental permission needed if 14-17 years old. Younger applicants (and everyone!) should ask about using prior evidence from the other 200+ intelligence tests we accept for membership at Photo ID required at any test session. Test fee is $40. You may pay with cash, check, MasterCard or VISA, or pre-pay online at Please remember to bring your voucher with you to the test session. Walk-ins only at our Sarpy County test site.

Karen Kozak example:

Saturday, February 19th, monthly proctored Mensa qualifying exam, Abrahams Public Library, 5111 No. 90th St. (90th & Fort Sts.) – meeting room.  Register 2:15 pm; Test 2:30-4:00 pm.  Handicapped accessible, free parking.  All test-takers must be at least 14 years old; written permission needed if 14-17 years old.  Younger applicants (and everyone!) should inquire about using previous test scores as prior evidence.  For information about admission using prior evidence or for testing information, call Karen Kozak, Proctor Coordinator at 402-397-3173, or email at  Testing Fee is $40.  There are two payment options: 1) you may pre-pay online at  Download the voucher and remember to bring it to your test session; also, please let Ms. Kozak know which date you plan to test; or 2) If you do not wish to pay onlin, reservastions are required.  You may reserve a place by sending a check for $40, made out to: American Mensa, ltg. To the address below by the Friday before the date you wish to test.  Send checks to: Karen Kozak, 558 S. 87th Cir, Omaha, NE 68114-4220.

NWIM tests every two monthls: 2011
For the immediate future, NWIM will have tests every other month.  However, we will be having tests in both July and September…and every other month thereafter.

Notes on testing

Test takers names are SECRET, and may not be mentioned even within the chapter.

There may be discounts on the testing price, i.e., Mensa has “promotions” where you may save on the testing price.

All field tests are normed (calibrated) for age 14 and above ONLY.  Candidates age 14 through 17 must have a permission form (tbd: find my own link or copy the file) signed by a parent or legal guardian.

These tests may NOT be repeated or re-taken.  However, Mensa has special versions of some of its tests, so a similar test taken elsewhere might not be disqualifying.  Check the Testing Info page for more information.

The test session must proceed exactly as scheduled.  You must arrive on time and be ready when the test(s) start. If you arrive late to the session, you may be allowed to wait outside, and take the test(s) that have not yet started, at the discretion of the Proctor.

Mensa provides all materials required, and you may not use anything other than what is supplied - all other items must be off the desk. Cell phones, pagers, and watch alarms must be silenced.  You must follow the Proctor's instructions, maintain silence during testing, and of course not copy from anyone else. 

In most locations, seating is limited, and crowding is NOT permitted.  Advance reservations are highly recommended - and usually are required for the CFB tests. 

You will receive a letter in two to three weeks with your RAW TEST SCORES, and either an offer of membership or notification of not qualifying.  IN ADDITION, If you provided a valid Email address on your Candidate Information Form, an Email will be sent to that address to inform you of your results.  Becoming qualified is "once and done" - your qualification score remains in our records, and you may join (or rejoin) Mensa at any time, based on that qualifying test score.  If you do NOT qualify during this test session, you may, for a limited time, submit "Prior Evidence", in the form of properly documented evidence of a qualifying score on a test that Mensa accepts - without paying the usual $40 fee! 

American Mensa has REVISED its test results policy.  Beginning January 1, 2011, you will receive the RAW, UN-INTERPRETED scores you achieved on the tests we administered, whether you qualify or not.  You will also receive a link to the AML website location where you can interpret raw scores to to their equivalent IQ ranges, and Mensa will also provide a brochure regarding score self-interpretation on request. 

Current members who tested between April 1, 2001, and Dec. 31, 2010, can request their scores at no charge.   Lapsed members and persons who received an Offer of Membership but did not join may receive their score report for a fee of $15, which may be applied as a $15 credit on their first dues payment.  Test scores must NOT be converted or evaluated by Mensa members or staff, as it could cross over into the area of a psychological evaluation. PLEASE DO NOT  REQUEST such assistance!  The information is available at, or ask for the downloadable brochure, available at




Regional Proctor Coordinator and yearly

There exists a Regional (i.e., Region 7) Proctor Coordinator.  S/he is presumably a contact in case there are difficulties in testing people in one chapter, most likely due to temporarily unavailable testers or candidates in remote regions of Region 7 that are actually closer to another region’s testing location.


The Regional PC is re-approved yearly by the Region’s Vice Chair


National Proctor Coordinator (title tbd)

Mary Spencer (see “national” webpage and search for her).


Importance to chapter

Testing is the primary way that people get into Mensa.  In particular, the effectiveness of the testing can vary from person to person.  There are awards given to regional testers for this reason!  Testers are effective in terms of the number of tests they give, and the percentage of passing candidates that join Mensa.

Advertising is a big part of this…I personally (Dave Keller) put up a note in a Bellevue Starbucks that turned out to attract a person who became a chapter member!

Also, the tester is (probably) the first person that the candidate meets.  The character of the tester is of importance!  Also, the tester will have information about the chapter that will hopefully impress the candidate.

Requirements for the testing facility

I don’t have all of the requirements, but I will list the ones that I believe are true:

         Lockable room

         Quiet, no interruptions

C   Can’t be your home

People can take the test only ONCE…it deserves to be done CORRECTLY!

The facilities are generally a room in a library or a church.  You have to have a place that you know won’t change, close, fold, go out of business, that will guarantee your room reservation, etc.

 Requirements to be a proctor
Must have a BS degree.  Must take some kind of training (not that hard).  Probably a few more requirements

Proctor requirements link