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2013 Apr 30: May events, calendar, new 2013 contacts updated during the month
2012 Oct 30: November Events, Calendar
2012 May 29: June stuff; a Dine-Out "policy" in references
2012 Mar 29: Mediation reference; April stuff.
2012 Feb 24: March stuff.  Calendar/Events pages not separate months are just "Calendar.html" and "Events.html", and cover sort of two months.
2012 Jan 29: Contest for March 31 LDOTM event, testing $10 off promotion, Feb calendar/events
2012 Jan 5: January things; holiday party announcement, mr7-feisty-debate announcement
2011 Nov 29: December things
2011 Nov 5: Fuller's Deep Fried turkey event NOV 25: Website only event
2011 Nov 4: Implementing a technically more maintainable "link bar"
2011 October 31: We are down to one Mensa Tester...see "Testing" page for latest.
2011 October 31: November events/calendar, trying 2-column page (1st column is "Link Bar")
2011 September 27: October events, calendar
2011 August 28: September calender, events
2011 August 24: Added James and Elizabeth's Web links
2011 July 20:  Cheat Sheet for Proctor and Lincoln Restaurants (NWIM Documents / Refs)
2011 July 19:  Diana Vogt is the new Dine-Out coordinator
2011 July 18:  Dave Keller and Karen Kozak bought post-card invitations to the expense to the EXCOMM.
2011 June 27: Updated website for July 2011
2011 May 28: Note minor changes for the next few months in testing location and frequency.
2011 April 30: Website re-tooled using "Kompozer", a free, low-end, and easy-to-use website editor.  Essentially same functionality as old website (the main link-bar is not quite so cool).          -- Dave K --