October 2017 Events

Tuesday, October 10th, Omaha, 5pm
Trivia Night SIG

Buffalo Wild Wings Bar & Grill, 205 No. 76th St. (between Cass & Dodge St.). We are having one fixed night per month for NTN Trivia. If you want to meet on an additional night, e-mail or call other Ms on an ad hoc basis. Come and enjoy some highs (and lows) as your particular knowledge areas are probed (or not). For more information, contact Tami Whitney (see front cover).

Saturday, October 14th, Omaha, 10:30am,
Monthly proctored Mensa qualifying exam

Abrahams Public Library, 5111 No. 90th St. (just south of 90th & Fort Sts) conference room. 10:30 registation, testing from 11:00 to 1:00. Handicapped accessible, free parking. All test-takers must be at least 14 years old; written permission needed if 14-17 years old. Younger applicants (and everyone!) should inquire about using previous test scores as prior evidence. For information about admission using prior evidence go to: https://www.us.mensa.org/join/testscores/qualifying-test-scores/ For testing information, call Wes Shaw, Proctor Coordinator at 712-298-0109, or email at wes.shaw.us@member.mensa.org. Testing Fee is $60. The current method of payment is to pre-pay online at: https://www.us.mensa.org/join/testing/testingvoucher/. Download and print the voucher and remember to bring it to your test session. Please contact Wes and let him know which date you plan to test.  We may be able to arrange other possible  dates and times at an alternate location. http://www.nwim.us.mensa.org/MensaTesting.html.

Saturday, October 14th, Lincoln, 7pm-12am
Poker SIG

at Frank's place, usually the second Saturday of every month, but call to make sure: 7724 Ringneck Drive, Lincoln, NE. Phone: 402-483-6965
Monday, October 16th, Omaha, 5pm,
NWIM Ex-Comm Meeting

260 Regency Parkway Drive. DIRECTIONS: We are in the Regency Professional Plaza, Suite 200, 2nd floor. From the north, take Regency Parkway south.  You will pass Whole Foods, the Regency Shopping Center, Fleming's Steakhouse and the Enterprise Bank building.  Just south of the Enterprise Bank building is a driveway on the right which will take you directly into the parking lot.  From the south, take Pacific to Regency Parkway, then turn right on Regency Parkway and get in the left lane.  Go past the first stoplight and there is a left turn lane at the next intersection.  US Bank will be on your left.  Turn left onto Regency Parkway Drive and then immediately right and follow Regency Parkway Drive to the building.  (Note: some GPS maps have the building on the wrong side of Regency Parkway, so use these directions.) You should enter using the outside door on the north side of the building. If you come in the south side of the building just follow the hallway through the building until you get to the elevator/north staircase.  Office suite 200 is on the second floor. If you arrive late and the office suite door is locked, phone someone in Ex-comm to be let in.  For more information, contact Kirk Johnson, 712-323-1454, cell phone 402-659-4154, captnkirko@cox.net.

Saturday, October 21st, Omaha, 6:00 pm
Dine Out Sig, Timber Wood Fire Grill

8702 Pacific Street, Omaha, NE    http://www.timberomaha.com

Saturday, October 21, 2017 at 6pm. Timber Wood Fire Grill is a new restaurant that features locally sourced food cooked on a wood-fired grill or baked in a wood-fired oven. This will be a good choice for October, especially if itís a bit cool. The restaurant has a giant wood-fired oven as its centerpiece in the main dining room. The restaurant also has two smaller seating areas. When we were there the service was excellent as well as the food.

Appetizers range from a LeQuartier Bread Service for $3 to a Smoked Salmon Board for $15. Other appetizers include a Wood Roasted Artichoke Gratin, Grilled Peaches and Burrata, and Wood Roasted Lamb Meatballs. The restaurant offers an assortment of sandwiches including a lamb burger, a "Timburger" of Wagyu beef with jalapeno bacon, and a grilled eggplant sandwich with roasted pepper, grilled avocado, olive tapenade and cucumber dressing. Sandwiches run from $11 to $15 for the Timburger. You can also get French onion soup or roasted jalapeno and corn chowder for $8 or a main-dish salad.

They offer several wood-fired French style pizzas for $14. Each of them has interesting toppings, from mushroom and fennel sausage to poached pear and prosciutto or chicken and chorizo. The pasta dishes feature house-made pasta baked in the wood oven. The choices include a wood roasted rigatoni with roasted vegetables, herb whipped goat cheese and roasted artichoke.

Entrees are served with a green salad (substitute soup for $2) and include cedar planked steelhead salmon roasted in the wood oven ($27), a 14-oz ribeye ($34) and a "Paella Mixta" ($26). The nightly specials are served with choice of soup or salad and include roasted crispy duck ($28), an Argentinian mixed grill ($34), and a wood roasted seafood smorgasbord ($36).

Note: This restaurant changes its menu seasonally and some of the items Iíve listed may have changed. Hopefully their website shows updated menus, check it out at: www.timberomaha.com.

Call or text Diana Vogt at 402-981-4012 or email fidgetydjv@gmail.com  with the number of people you will be bringing no later than 11:00am on October 21, 2017. Please use THIS phone/email to make sure I get your reservation

Sunday, October 22nd, Lincoln, 1pm,
Monthly proctored Mensa qualifying exam

1 to 3pm at the Bess Dodson Walt Branch Library, 6701 South 14th Street, Lincoln. Handicapped accessible, free parking. All test-takers must be at least 14 years old; written permission needed if 14-17 years old. Younger applicants (and everyone!) should inquire about using previous test scores as prior evidence. Signs will be posted for the conference room but if you get lost, or need information about admission using prior evidence or for testing information, call Jane Hanson, Proctor, at 319-621-6013, or email at janejanielou@gmail.com. Fee is $40. The preferred method of payment is to pre-pay online at www.us.mensa.org/testingvoucher. Download and print the voucher and remember to bring it to the test session. Please, contact Jane and let her know if you, or someone you know, plan to test.
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